Kharkiv Municipal Charity Union


Postal Address:
A/YA 8758
Kharkiv 310002

Street Address:
Ulitsa Sokolova, Dom 46
Khrakiv 310089

Phone: +0572 94-62-10

Web Site:

Valeriy Ivanov, President of Sintez
Norman Berris, consultant for the International Corps of Expert's volunteers
Ganna Dudukalova, manager of the "Mission" program

Sintez is non-profit, non-governmental charity organization whose activity is funded by contributions from individuals and the government. The mission of Sintez is to provide general help to deprived children of the Kharkiv region: orphaned children, refugees, and homeless (abandoned by parents).

Currently there are more than 1500 wards in the Union with children ranging from infants to 18 year olds. Due to the instability of Ukraine's economy and budget deficits, most of the wards are beyond the edge of poverty. This has had a pernicious affect on children's development and health in this region. Sintez tries to ease the situation in these wards and until now has depended on commercial structures and international charity organizations, but currently help from home sponsors is almost exhausted. According to official statistics more than 1,000 children currently live in railway stations, markets, basements, and attics. Sintez has been trying to open the first orphanage in the Kharkiv region for children from 3 to 18. The orphanage would be open to: orphaned children that remain without parents' care, children abandoned by parents, lost children, and children removed from unhappy families. But do to insufficient funds for food, basic equipment (beds, chairs, bookcases etc), and personnel salaries the Union cannot afford to open.

Sintez is currently seeking partners and sponsors to help in its efforts to open the orphanage and aid deprived children in the Kharkiv region.

For more detailed information about Sintez's activity and about its wards contact any of the E-mail addresses provided above.

Last updated:    May 1998

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