International Union of Valiant Fathers

IUVF, P.O. BOX 61, Slavyansk, 
Donetsk region, 84100, Ukraine
Tel: 380 (06262) 3-88-92
Contact Name: Eugene Konovalov, President

The International Union of Valiant Fathers is an international people's association of disabled people, which unites divorced fathers bringing their children up without their mother.  IUVF was founded by Eugene Konovalov, a divorced disabled father of 3 children, 2 of which are disabled from childhood.  It was registered with the state agency of Ukraine on May 13th, 1997.  

IUVF was founded with the purpose of giving social consulting and other help to children and their divorced disabled fathers on the behalf of sponsors, private organizations, charitable funds, enterprises and firms from abroad. It was created to foster communication among these incomplete families and to create close relations between people working to defend children's rights and interests. IUVF supports children in incomplete families with disabled fathers and seeks to provide medical aid to these families.  The main purpose of the organization's activity is the defense of the common interests of the members of IUVF.

Last updated:  April 2001

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