Association "Information Resources"


ul. Chuikova 24-148
Tel: (612) 72-00-07
Contact: Victor Ostapenko, Project Director
The association was founded in May 1997 by former army officers, who wanted to provide consulting services, training, and help to small and medium-size businesses started by demobilized military personnel. The association was established after a three-year project to train ex-military personnel to start their own businesses was completed. Under the project, 21 businesses were registered by demobilized army officers and consulting services were provided to 200 clients.

The association is currently raising funds for its new project, 32nd of May, designed to create a consulting center to help businesses incorporate Web technologies in their activities. Under this project, expected to last five years, the association plans to provide services to 230 demobilized army officers, train 100 clients in using the Internet, and create 30 Web pages for customers. Partners of the association in this project include the Zaporizhia Military Commissariat, Regional Internet Service, and the youth club Vzlet-T. The association is looking for other organizations that would like to participate in this project.

Last updated:    February 1999

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