12 Pershotravneva St.
324099 Kryviv Rih
Contact: Oleg Diachenko

EcoCentre-K is one of the 18 branches of the non-governmental organization National Ecological Centre of Ukraine (EcoCentre). It is an autonomous organization, connected with the EcoCentre by a common statute, ideas and activities aimed at drastically improving the environment of Ukraine. It's activities are supported by a number of highly-respected foundations internationally. Founded in 1993, the organization, which is non-profit and non-political, combines efforts of about 20 members and volunteers. These include scientists, journalists, teachers of high schools and colleges, and students of local universities with majors in education, biology and economics. EcoCenter-k cooperates in Kryviy Rih with the Institute for Labor and Environmental Safety In Mining and Metallurgical Industry, the Botany Garden of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, and Saksagansky Ecological Lyceum. In Poland it has partners from Risk Abatement Center (Katowice) and the Institute for Sustainable Development (Warsaw). The main objective of EcoCenter-K is to coordinate the efforts of scientists in their endeavors to improve the conditions of the environment of the region.

Eco-Centre K's Priorities:
Environmental education and training programs for youth and community members.
Informing citizens and the press about environmental problems.
Land reclamation and preservation of biodiversity of mining regions.
Environmental research of the region.

Some Past activities.

- Tree planting on mining waste banks and river banks by local community members, including students. The action was partially sponsored by the Prima Klima program CO Operation in 1995.
- Sponsored environmental education through music seminars. Supported by ISAR and the British Council.
- Organized seminar of Ecojournalists. Supported by the Institute for a Sustainable Community, USA.
- Sponsored a broadcast series entitled "Consciousness and the State of the Environment".
- Published the magazine entitled "The 48 Parallel", a Ukrainian and English magazine with the objective of uniting communities around the world on the 48th latitude.
- Organized roundtable discussion "Sustainable Development in Mining Regions". Supported by ISAR, 1998.
- "Young Nature In The Young Country" Project. Sponsored by the Canadian Embassy.
- Environmental Expeditions to Kobilnija Balka along the Saksagan river as the project of the Ambassador of Canada. Sponsored by the Peace Corps.
- Published the book of environmental songs, "Temple of Life". Supported by the British Council.
- Organized workshop on Music, Art and Drama in Environmental Education ("MAD" Project). Supported by the British Council, Charity Know How and Field Studies Council(the UK).
- Organized presentation of the book "Temple of Life" in the framework of the above mentioned workshop. Evaluated by Castle Field Centre (the UK) Director ,Joanna Barnett.

Last updated:    May 1999

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