Donetsk City Charity Foundation "Dobrota"


Donetsk, Ukraine

The Foundation's mission is a struggle against poverty through the renaissance of the civic philanthropy and charitable social partnership development in the Donetsk regional community as means of solving the most urgent social problems. The main purpose of the Foundation is rational organizing and providing direct material aid to the Health Care, Education, Social Protection institutions and directly to the most indigent strata of the Donetsk City population.

Charitable Programs and Projects

The Donetsk City Charity Dobrota Foundation implements its charitable activity through the following
programs and projects:

1.  From Alms to Charity: Civic Philanthropy Revival in the Donetsk Local Community.  First donation was received on the 31st Oct. 1997.

2.  The Donetsk City Health Care, Educational, Social Protection Institutions Support. Since 14th Nov. 1998.

3. The Donetsk City Sick Children Support.  Since 1st Mar. 1998.

4. The Invalid Societies, Many Children Families Unions, and other Organizations of Self- and Mutual Help Support.  Since 1st Apr. 1998.

5.  Philanthropy and Forth Power: the Partnership Development between the Foundation and the Mass Media.  Since 1st May 1998.

In March - April 2000 new charitable projects were put into operation:

1.  Urgent In Kind Aid to the Sick Children of the Donetsk Region.

2.  Center for Philanthropy Development and Donetsk Local Community Social Partners Coalition.

3.  Charitable Health Care in the Donetsk Region.

Daily Work

1.  Collected and constantly enriched the database of 7,000 potential donors and partners (business structures, state, religious and public organizations, trade and creative unions, Mass Media).

2.  Every day, personally addressed in written form: 25-30 potential donors, conducted telephone negotiations with not less than 120-140 respondents, appealing for participation in the charitable programs.

3.   Daily, specified the needs of 4- 5 Health Care, Education, Social Protection Institutions, public organizations of self- and mutual support.

4.  Daily, met not less than 8-10 visitors, consulted with 15-20 recipients by phone.

5.  Daily, conducted routine work on charitable gratuitous works and services coordination (transport, social advertisement, preparation and circulation of documents, and many others), transferred preparatory work to charitable actions (conducted agreements among the providers for document preparation, purchase of wholesale items,
barter operations and many others).

6.  Every week, personally met 3-4 organizations and institutions managers, journalists, and workers.

7.  Weekly, perused new monographs, method guides and periodicals on subjects directly or indirectly connected to philanthropy (politics, statistics, demographic problems, health care, education, social protection and other humanitarian aspects).

8.  Circulated monthly reports about the Foundation's activity to the Region Administration, Donetsk Local Executive Committee and Donetsk District Executive Committee Departments, Higher Educational Institutions, political parties representatives, trade and creative unions, national communities, religious, public and commercial organizations of the Donetsk City, as well as to International Funds representatives, ( more than 1500 addresses all in all!). 

9.  Bi-monthly press circulation- releases to 34 newspapers and magazines, 8 radio stations, 4 TV- radio channels

10.  Monthly, participation in workshops, training, round tables, and delivered lectures.

11.  Monthly, more than 150 delivery hours spent in receiving and distributing in kind donations. 

12.  Routinely done preparatory work for the charitable actions: proper covering documentation, barter deals, marketing for the wholesale goods purchase and many other.

What is most important is that not a single kopeck was spent either from the state treasury, or from the purposeful donations, aimed to directly support the indigent. The secret is that the Foundation receives gratuitous aid in the form of free rent, technical support, office supplies, services and works from more than 200 business structures who found it possible to shoulder the burden of charitable programs.

Results of the Charitable Programs and Projects

Charity Initiation in the Donetsk Territorial Community.

It should be especially stressed that some unfavorable situations (put down lightly) restrain the revival and development of public charity in Ukraine: the taxation policy is strangling entrepreneurship and there is an atmosphere of mistrust of charity funds in the society. Nevertheless by the 1st May 2000 the Foundation received 1766 donations (money and in kind donations) from 982 donors for the total sum is 511,021.53 hrivnyas. There is a strong tendency to recurring donations and growth of their size. Besides 210 organizations and private individuals donated gratuitous works and services- about 500,000 hrivnyas. So the Foundation has already drawn to its charitable programs realization more than 1 000,000 hrivnyas! 

Routinely the Foundation receives 4-5 donations daily; about 70% of them are in kind.

The size of the overwhelming majority of donations requires that they must be accumulated in order to adequately supply the needs of the Health Care, Educational, and Social Protection Institutions. In addition, the Foundation supports efforts connected with the charitable donations such as the transporting, documenting, distributing, loading and unloading of

Charitable Aid to the Indigent.

The Foundation supports: (As of May 1st, 2000)

1.  40 Health Care Institutions (hospitals, dispensaries, maternity hospitals and sanatoriums) the total amount was 234,116.00 hrivnyas.

2.  16 Educational, Social Protection Institutions, the total amount was 69,047.72 hrivnyas.

3.  12 invalid societies, 7 unions of many children families, and other public organizations of self- and mutual help, state budget financed organizations, and individual indigent families, the total amount was 133,957.51 hrivnyas.

4.  During the reported period, 1012 charitable aid deliveries were made to the indigent.

5.  Daily, 3-4 donations are delivered. The Foundation exempts the recipients from the loading and transporting problems. The donations are delivered according to the preparatory agreement describing the quantity and assortment identified by the recipients.

Regular donations are not sufficient to do everything for everybody. Therefore the Foundation must set priorities on which problems to solve. The problem of medicine and food supply for the sick children may be
partially solved through the parents or relatives.  At the same time it is necessary to purchase items for the
normal functioning of hospitals (stationary, detergent, thermometers, medical gowns, baby's pacifiers, baby formula, tips for enemas, electric bulbs for fixtures and many other urgent items).

In 1999, the Foundation obtained and donated to the hospitals, boarding schools, and sanatoriums: 7421 thermometers, 1535 special electric bulbs for the fixtures, 8350 baby's pacifiers, 2500 tips for enemas - the lack of these items in the Donetsk City was practically liquidated. Baby formula, porridges, juices, purees and other child foodstuffs were also
regularly delivered. Many institutions received detergent (1.2 tons), soap for children and for washing (4450 pieces), disinfectants, medicine, medical gowns, special hospital beds and other necessary items.

As a pilot project, the Foundation has patronized the Child Otolaryngology and Child Inflectional Department in the Central City Clinic Hospital # 16 since August 1999. The Department Heads identified the urgent needs in medicine, foodstuff, sanitation and hygiene products, and other items of basic necessity. Within 24 hours, the Foundation satisfied the needs of hospitalized children who appeared to lack adequate parents, relatives, or material support, and those
who come from orphanages or boarding schools. 102 sick children were supported. The primary analysis of this project affirms that the Foundations charitable activity is practically indispensable.

Since September 1999, the Foundation has been working on a new long-term activity. It is searching for donors to help the most indigent Donetsk families. The Foundation has convinced the businessmen-donors to stick to the principle , "We are in charge of those whom we tamed." The Foundation was able to establish 20 business and indigent family

The Foundation continues to support charitable work in Donetsk and is always seeking support.  If you are interest in their work, please contact them directly via email at

Last updated:    June 2001

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