Crimean Laboratory of Regional Researches("CrymLabri")

CCSI received the following message in February 1998


333011 Samokisha St.30,
Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine
Tel: (380-0652) 29-72-65
Tel/fax: (380-0652) 25-35-88

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Крымска^? лаборатори^?
региональных исследований
333011 г.Симферополь ул. Самокиша, 30, Tel: (380-0652) 29-72-65
Tel/fax: (380-0652) 25-35-88

The Crimean Laboratory of Regional Researches ("CrymLabri") is an independent, non-government and non-profit scientific and research organization. The laboratory was founded in 1996 in Simferopol on the base of electronic information agency "Elis".

At present, "CrymLabri" in parallel with its scientific work carries out activities in widening its international contacts. The Laboratory corresponds with different international political, scientific and humanitarian organizations from more than 20 countries of the world in the spheres of geopolitics, international relations, national conflicts and many other social and political arenas. "CrymLabri" strives for rising its authority with the aim of broadening its scientific and social contacts with government and non-government organizations of Europe, Asia and America.

"CrymLabri" has its own computer center in which specialist collect and analyze all possessed information. Every day more than 30 experts of the Laboratory are engaged in the:

The Laboratory issues an electronic public and political magazine: "CrymLabri"

"CrymLabri"is comprised of:

"CrymLabri" provides organizations and media concerned with results of its research with copies of sociological surveys and the latest analytical information in the fields of its activities.

CrymLabri is organizing two conference in 1998:

Last updated:    March 1998

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