Crimean Independent Center of Political Researchers and Journalists


18/3, apt.7, ave.Kirova
Simferopol, 333011
Tel/fax: (380-652) 27-69-65
Tel: (652) 25-90-59
Contact: Volodymyr Pritula, Director
CICPRJ seeks Internships or Exchanges for Crimean Journalists for the purpose
of improving their ability to report on inter-ethnic problems in multicultural settings

Crimean Independent Center of Political Researchers and Journalists was founded as the Crimean branch of the "Ukrainian Independent Center of Political Research" in March 1995. Since January 1997 it is a self-sufficient, non-profit, non-goverment research organization, with the following main purpose: cooperation in the building of an autonomous part of Ukraine; and cooperation in the integration of Crimea with Ukraine, as well as the integration of Ukraine with European and global society.

The Center carries out political research on Crimean society as a part of Ukrainian society. In particular, it prepares and distributes in the local Ukrainian and foreign press, analitical information concerning the social and political situation in the autonomous Crimean Republic, and connections of Crimea with other regions of Ukraine, as well as connections with Russia and other neighboring countries.

The Center has organized the following conferences, roundtables and seminars:

Leading political and national activists from Crimea and politicians from Kiev took part in the these roundtables, conferences and seminars.

The Center also has organized an internship on Radio Svoboda (Radio Liberty) (Prague, 1996) and in the newspaper Rzeczpospolita (Warshaw,1997) for a group of Crimean-Tatar and Ukrainian journalists from Crimea. Direktor of the CICPRJ is Volodymyr Pritula.

Last updated:    June 1997

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