Brotherhood of Orphans
Public Youth Organization

46027 1 Yunosti St, Ternopil, Ukraine
Tel/Fax: 8(0352) 432-321


We, the representatives of the Brotherhood of Orphans Public Youth Organization, realizing our responsibility for the future of orphan children, understanding that protection of the rights and improving of the quality of life are decisive for the destiny of orphan children, believing that orphan children should be absolutely prepared for independent lives in families and the society, taking into consideration that, as it is pointed out in the Declaration of the Children Rights, "it is the society and bodies of public authority who must carry out the duty of taking special care of children who don't have
their own family nor have any means for existing", recognizing that for full-bodied and harmonious development a child should be reared in a family, in the atmosphere of happiness, love and mutual understanding, being aware of the orphan children's problems and our own experience, reminding people that the United Nations Organization has proclaimed in the Common Declaration of Human Rights that children have right for a special care and help, being confident of the fact that orphan children will eventually find their place in society, recognizing the importance of the international cooperation in order to improve the life level of orphan children are declaring the establishment of the new organization in Ukraine - namely the Brotherhood of Orphans Public Youth Organization.

We are putting forth our efforts in order to:

Unify the youth and orphan children on the basis of spiritual, national, patriotic and cultural principles which would allow one to form a mature high-minded surety of one's personality for creating one family, performing social, cultural and law-governed activity whose goal is support and protection of living, social and other rights of orphans and the children abandoned by their parents and which are stipulated by the Constitution of Ukraine and other international agreements ratified by the Supreme Council of Ukraine.

Based on the principles mentioned above and directing our efforts toward the achievement of the common goal we are applying to different public organizations, charitable funds, the bodies of the state authority and local government, international institutions and business structures both in Ukraine and beyond its borders with a proposition to support our mission.

Donations can be sent to the following accounts:

Beneficiary and account: 2600030012282/840
Brotherhood of Orphans
1 YUNOSTI St, Ternopil, Ukraine,

Beneficiary bank and account: 04094040
Ukrsotsbank, Kyiv Swift Ukrsuaux
Correspondent bank: Bankers Trust Company, New York, NY

Last updated:    April 2001

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