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Chernigov 250 000
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Contact: Yuriy Trofimenko - Executive Director, Yuriy Usovich - Manager Information Department

Centre for Humane Technologies AHALAR is a nongovernmental and non-profit organisation. It has been functioning since 1991. Its mission is to promote creation of civil society by means of forming preparedness for survival and sustainable development of local communities through the teaching of humanitarian technologies of social efficacy.

To fulfil our mission we singled out several directions of activity:

Developing philosophy of sustainable development
Sustainable communities & sustainable cities
Elaborating new pedagogical technologies.
Nonviolent leadership.
Ethics of partnership.
Trainings for coaches.
Personal growth

Participate in seminars and other activities to help promote the following programs:
Developing philosophy and methodology of sustainable development
Main purpose of this program is considering humans as the main element of sustainable development, and creation methodology of building sustainable communities.

International summer school of nonviolent leadership
The purpose of this program is to provide the youth of Ukraine, Russia and Belorus with knowledge and skills of nonviolent leadership necessary for further self-organisation in solving local community problems.

Holistic Ecology for Youth and Adults
Purpose of this program is to provide people, particularly teachers and activists, with ecological knowledge and skills to protect nature in their own surroundings and all over the world;

Resource Centre for NGO Development
The goal of this program is to promote the development of the public sector in the region through education, and to provide support to the staff of the NGO and initiative groups of Northern Ukraine;

Women Centre
Aim of the program is providing socially active women with appropriate knowledge and skills for solving family problems, addressing discrimination, and also teaching them self-organisation skills for solving actual problems of local communities;

Democratic leadership for adults
The purpose of the program is to teach socially active people, entrepreneurs and leaders of local, communities' skills of self-organisation and interaction. It also provides them with appropriate knowledge and skillful means for solving local community problems - growth of crime and violence, unemployment, drug addiction, alcoholism, etc.;

Implemented Projects

To sustainable society - through Education (1996 - 1998)
The aim of the project was to spread the basic knowledge and habits of new pedagogical technologies among teachers and students of the Pedagogical Institutes.

School of Leaders (1995 - 1998)
The aim was to teach socially active people non-violent leadership based on understanding of universal mutual dependence.

Resourse Centre for NGO development "Unity" (1998)
The aim of the project was to promote the development of the civil sector in the region, give advice and help NGOs in the region with information and technical means .

Women Help Women (1998)
The aim of the project was to promote the development of civil society in Ukraine through activation and consolidation of the women movement in Chernigov region.

AHALAR Centre participates in several national and international networks:

Member of International AHALAR Network ,
Member of ANPED (The Northern Alliance for Sustainability),
Member of the All-Ukrainian Resource Centre Network,
Member of the All-Ukrainian Net of Ecological Education Organisations "EcoMission",
Member of All-Ukrainian Net of Youth and Children's Organisations;
Member of the Women International Consortium.

Advisory Board

Samaev F.S. - president of international AHALAR Association, rector of AHALAR Academy (Russia);
F. Macy - president of Deep Ecology Institute (USA);
Atrostchenko B.F. - Head of the State Regional Family and Youth Department (Ukraine);
J. Macy - adjunct professor of Integral Studies Institute; developer of Deep Ecology con-ception (USA);
S. Zapasnik - professor of sociology of Warsaw University, Doctor of sociology of Philosophy and Sociology Institute of the National Academy of Sciences (Poland);
A. Berzin - doctor of Oriental Sciences of Harvard University, Senior Research Fellow of Columbia University (USA);
E. Schreibman - executive director of Safe Energy Centre (USA);
J. Seed - director of "Rainforest" organisation (Australia);
S. Dzuyba - head of Chernigov media-club (Ukraine).

This information was posted to CCSI's Organizational Guestbook April 1999.

Last updated:    June 1999

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