Development Fund


Lenin street, 3-7
Khujand, 37922
Tel: 37922-61908
Fax: 37922-66749
Contact: Gaffarov Nasim, Chairman of Coordinating Council
Development Fund for Supporting of Farmers and Businessmen

Priorities are poor women and families without bread winners, men, and people who do not have sources of starting capital. Development Fund is a public non-commercial fund founded on the base of association of farm-holdings (which started its activity in 1995) and the Information-consulting Center "TOJ-INFO" for private agriculture-business (which started its activity in 1999 after receiving a grant from the Eurasia Foundation).

Development Fund is the leading and best-known semiformal institute in North Tajikistan, which has the legal right to conduct learning trains, seminars and micro-finance programs and projects.

Development Fund's employees-are highly-educated specialists, with work experience in Tacis, German Agro Action (GAA), Safe the Children Fund (UK), on grants of International Institutions, in banks, in the sphere of agriculture-business, and teaching in Universities and Colleges.

Object and Tasks of the Fund

Participation in the reform of the social-economic sphere on the base of steady human development criterion, assistance to the social-economic well-being of citizens by support to vulnerable layers of farmer's population, entreprenuers.

The Fund Fulfils the Following Tasks:

Complex Micro-finance Project

Information-Consulting Center "TOJ INFO" publishes and circulates the information bulletin "Reform", carries out training seminars, has done support and consultation - by informing, by explaining to people their own rights and responsibilities and legislation acts with the aim of assisting them in privatization, the creation of farm holdings, private enterprises. The Fund has also started a new project engaging in entrepreneurship, with priority directed towards poor sections of the population.

Eurasia Foundation's grant, with the help of the Tajik Social Investment Fund in social partnership with local NGOs has carried out a complex program of microfinance:

The first stage of the projects' realization foresees the creation of favorable surroundings of microfinance for poor sections of the farmer's population and private entrepreneurs in rural places with the help of the creation of Information-Consulting Training Center and Micro-Finance Institute.

In this way are managed following tasks.

Expected Final Results after Realisation of the Project Invitation for Cooperation

According to international experience, donors are the main founders of micro-finance activity, and their approach towards it and the demands, which they present to Micro-Finance Institutions, have a great influence on microfinance development.

If the donors' main object is reducing poverty and supporting vulnerable sectors of the population, the most important thing for Micro-Finance Institutions is the satisfaction of its clients' demands on the long-term base.

At the same time for the realization of microfinance programs it is necessary that donors and MFI act for achieving of common object: providing corresponding services to finance, social, entrepreneurs, development, etc., which are suitable to the client's demands with low level of profit.

Taking into account that structure divisions of Development Fund perfectly know local conditions: target market, its demands in complex (whole) micro- finance services, local micro-finance institutes, local legislation and etc., and also by planned results of project's realizations, the Fund proposes cooperation in the following spheres of microfinance programs realization in Tajikistan:

Last updated:    December 1999

For further information on Central Asian NGOs see also Civil Society in Central Asia (CCSI, Central Asia-Caucasus Institute of Johns Hopkins University, and University of Washington Press, 1999).

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