Association of Scientific & Technical Intelligentsia (ASTI)

42 Lenin st., apt. 108
Tajikistan 735700
Tel/Fax: (37922) 67571
Contact: Farrukh Tyuryaev, president

ASTI is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that supports the development of democratic society in Tajikistan by (a) utilizing the wealth of potential resources contained in the local scientific and technical intelligentsia, and (b) increasing the capacity of the noncommercial sector through the distribution of information, coordination, education and consultation. ASTI was founded in 1995 and legally registered on September 18, 1995 with the Khujand City Justice Administration.

In collaboration with other local NGOs ASTI established a regional Coordinating Center for grassroot initiatives and NGO development. The goal of the center is to support the initiatives of the newly developing third sector in Leninabad oblast.

ASTI's work has included the following projects:

Current focus of activities:

The number of members of the organization is 27. Total expenditures for a recent year were $30,000.

Partner organizations include:

Counterpart Consortium, Washington DC, USA
Eurasia Foundation, Washington DC, USA
ISAR, Washington DC, USA
NOVIB, Netherlands
Public Education Center, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
CASDIN, Almaty, Kazakhstan
INTERBILIM, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Last updated:    March 1999

For further information on Central Asian NGOs see also Civil Society in Central Asia (CCSI, Central Asia-Caucasus Institute of Johns Hopkins University, and University of Washington Press, 1999).

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