Journalists' Union

Television news story on a journalism conference
at the offices of the Journalists' Union. Oct 1997
Nizhpoligraf Publishing House
(Walk-in entrance is through Inkom Bank)
Ulitsa Vavarskaya, 32
Nizhnii Novgorod 603006
Tel: (8312) 35-62-53, 38-94-49
Fax: (8312) 35-62-53
Contact: Natalya Skvortsova, Coordinator;
Marina Stepanenko, Assistant

The Nizhnii Novgorod Journalists Union has been in continuous operation for over 40 years. It has over 1,000 voluntary members from the newspaper and television industry incorporating all the different political orientations and viewpoints.

Their four main areas of activity include:

  1. Organizing press conferences for important events, or high-profile visitors
  2. Developing professional seminars and classes for journalists
  3. Human rights and legal defense along the lines of the Glasnost Defense Foundation
  4. Social programs benefitting the city and region

The Union is also the unofficial local office of the National Press Institute (formerly known as RAPIC).

The NIS Third Sector Organization section is based on information found in the print edition of "The Post-Soviet Handbook." For more information on the Handbook and instructions on how to order, see our Post Soviet Handbook Information page.

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