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VIOLA is a nongovernmental organization based in Bryansk. Officially registered in 1993, VIOLA has been active since 1987.

Our aims are to prevent the global environmental crisis, the destruction of unique species and landscapes, to stop production detrimental to Nature. In addition to this, we try to help mankind solve its problems: social problems, health problems, raising social consciousness and improving the status of human rights. VIOLA tries to realize the ideal of the sustainable development, and "rational consumption." The organization is constantly looking for new ways of creating harmony between Nature and Man.

VIOLA is an umbrella organization for the following groups:

VIOLA'S ACTIVITIES: VIOLA's core members include university and schools teachers, students, scientists, and doctors. The participants in our projects have included journalists, administration and state officials.

We have cooperated with the following organizations and funds:
CCI, USAID/ISAR (USA), MacArthur, Milieukontakt OOST-Europa, Activity Fund, Embassy of the Netherland in Moscow, XminY (The Netherlands), USAID/IREX (Moscow), IUCN/Moscow, EECONET Action Fund (the Netherlands).

In 1997 VIOLA received the Henry Ford European Conservation National Award.

The NIS Third Sector Organization section is based on information found in the print edition of " The Post-Soviet Handbook ." For more information on the Handbook and instructions on how to order, see our Post Soviet Handbook Information page.

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