RusOR (Russian Orphanage Association)


ul. Sushanskaya 7
Borovichi, Novgorod Region, 174400
Tel: +7-81664-345-05
Fax: +7-81664-341-12
Contact: Dr. Mikhael Airumyan, President
Organization Type: Orphan/Orphanage Advocacy, Child Rights, Disabilities, Health & Medicine, Education/Training
Founded: 1995
Staff: 3 PT staff volunteers; 25 volunteers
International Partner(s): MiraMed USA; Chekhov Foundation, USA; St. Andrew's Aid Relief, Scotlan

Mission: I. Changing the structure of the orphanage system to focus on helping families stay together; II. Providing rehabilitation and physical therapy programs for orphans and children in the community with disabilities; III. Promoting and encouraging professional development for doctors, administrative directors and other orphanage employees; IV. Playing an active role in the governmental decisionmaking process and influencing social, political and economic issues related to child/orphan welfare (advocacy); V. Educating the public and promoting issues related to orphanages; VI. Endeavoring to insure that humanitarian aid is distributed fairly and among a greater number of orphanages; VII. Training, education and internships for orphans and alumni clubs development for young adults who have graduated from the orphanage system.

Members: 252 orphanages across Russia;

Current program highlights: Collaborative humanitarian aid delivery of 2 tons of rice milk to Russian orphanages in association with MiraMed USA; Pet facilitated therapy pilot program at Borovichi baby orphanage; Individual photo albums for orphans; Coordination of locations and logistics in the Novgorod Region for MiraMed's presentations on Trafficking in Girls and Women; informing and educating the Russian public about orphanages by giving interviews on Russian TV.

Most recent publication: "International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid for Russian Orphanages";

Present interests: Filming a balanced documentary on the orphanage system; finding trainers for an orphanage employee training program--12 topics from early childhood development to fundraising; Publication of newsletter for orphanages, volunteers, donors;

Present Needs: Experienced documentary filmmaker; More volunteers! Donations for orphanages, used computer equipment for orphanage linkage program; Emergency baby formula program assistance.

Last updated:    April 1999

A print version of much of the information contained in this NIS Third Sector Organizations section can be found in the The Post-Soviet Handbook (Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 1999).

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