"The Right Heart" Foundation

Osipenko Street 20, apt.73
443110 SAMARA
Tel: 846-2-35-35-44
Fax: 70-31-09
E-mail: bowling@hippo.ru
Contact: Oleg V. Boobnov, M.D.

CCSI received this message from Dr. Boobnov regarding "The Right Heart" Foundation...

Dear friends,

We would like to contact American charitable children's funds and other organizations with programs or other information we could use in our future activity.

A few words about our Fund "The Right Heart," a charitable nonprofit foundation founded in Samara (Russia's Middle Volga region) in 1998.

The Foundation has been constituted as a voluntary social organization with the help of donations from its founders and our local citizens. The main aim of the Foundation is social support and protection of young people (children and teenagers) who are unable to realize their rights by themselves because of their physical or intellectual disabilities or other reasons. We help them with their social and medical rehabilitation.

The Foundation organizes health programs for children and teenagers in conjunction with other organizations and state agencies in Samara and the Middle Volga region. Today ecological condition in Samara leave much to be desired and the economic situation is not stable, so the Foundation is continuing its "HEALTH TO YOUNGSTERS OF SAMARA" program which monitors the state of health of 1500-3000 children in our region.

We are ready to receive Volunteers or Consultants from your Center or from other American Charity Organizations who could give concrete expression to our future collaboration.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Oleg V.Boobnov, M.D.

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