Charitable Foundation "Contacts"

Lazaretnyi per.,d.4
191180 Sankt-Peterburg
Tel. (812) 315-0727, 355-2739
Fax: (812) 315-0727
Contact: Prof. Valerii Y. Vasiliev

The Charitable Foundation "Contacts" was established in 1996 to provide educational, employment, and artistic training and opportunities for young people with physical disabilities. The main focus of Contacts is to provide people with limited mobility the technical equipment necessary to utilize their labor potential by training them to use personal computers and modems.

In it's first year Contacts was able to provide second-hand computers for 23 people. In the future Contacts hopes to develop a telecommunications network for people with disabilities to improve their access to information resources.

In February 1997 Prof. Vasiliev provided CCSI with Contacts' brochure in transliterated Russian.

This organizational description was sent to CCSI from Prof. Vasiliev.

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