Nizhnii Novgorod City Branch
Russian Foundation of Disabled Afghanistan War Veterans

P.O. Box 66
u. Magistratskaya, 11
603001 Nizhnii Novgorod
Tel: (8312) 33-03-72
Tel/Fax: (8312) 33-82-05

Nizhnii Novgorod City Branch of the
Disabled Afghanistan War Veterans
. (From
left to right) Lt. Col. Stanislav, Rubin
Airapetov, and Gennadii Cherniyshev
The Nizhnii Novgorod City Branch of the Russian Foundation of Disabled Afghanistan War Veterans (RFDAWV) was arranged in March 1996 to protect the civil, economic, social and cultural interests of the disabled men and women who had fulfilled their military service and had become disabled as a result of injuries, damages or illnesses. The organization also cares for the families and relatives of those who have died during service to their country.

In 1996-1997 the first priority for RFDAWV was realization of a program of medical and social assistance and rehabilitation of disabled war veterans. This program gave the organization experience in development of a number of medical-related programs, including: diagnoses of Afghan and Chechen-related illnesses; creation of a database for those treated which included information on symptoms, concrete recommendations for treatment and a list of the necessary medical supplies.

Another of RFDAWV's main activities is specialized job placement of the disabled, particularly during this time of increased social tensions among the most defenseless sections of the population. RFDAWV works with large domestic and foreign industrial partners and has twice brought the issue of disabled employment to the attention of the Nizhnii Novgorod city duma, with positive results.

RFDAWV takes part in activities together with representatives of bodies of the local administration to immortalize the memory of Nizhegorod citizens killed in the line of duty. They are also active in creating awareness of the plight of servicemen and veterans in the Nizhnii Novgorod region. They have made appearance on regional television requesting support and acknowledgement of the problems associated with servicemen, veterans and the disabled and the organization's work.

In their work in medical and social assistance and rehabilitation for the disabled, and family members and relatives of servicemen killed in the line of duty, RFDAWV would like to establish and develop multiple contacts between itself and other veteran, disabled and charity organization in other countries. They would particularly like to establish relationships with organizations which can help them with technical support or advice on realizing their various programs, as well as make connections between veterans families in other countries. They request an organization which represents a variety of age groups so that both young veterans of the Chechen conflict and older veterans of the Afghanistan conflict can find suitable Western counterparts.

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