"Novy Vzglyad" (New View) Children's Organization

Central Post Office p.b. 212
Voronezh, Russia 394000
Tel: 7-0732-785119
Contact: Katerina Tsetsura
E-mail: kid@new_v.vrn.ru
Web Page: ic.vrn.ru/~ppnew_v/

"New View" is a non-governmental, volunteer-based organization located in Voronezh. This organization strives to empower children in the Voronezh-Central Black Earth region. Founded and officially registered in August 1995, the basic objective of "New View" is the creation of new forms of work with children and the development of collectives of teachers, psychologist, social workers, and lawyers. Its activities include creating publications of interest to school children and teenagers as well as teaching children about computers and programming.

"New View" is currently working on two projects: "Children in the Information World" and "Children in the Computer World."

"Children in the Information World" includes such activities as:

"New View's" objectives in this area include the publication and distribution (free of charge to children) of up to 10 regional newspapers and magazines and up to 40 school publications. "New View" will also endeavour to establish an information center for collecting, analyzing, and distributing materials of interest to children and anyone who works with them. The group with also create a regional database of children's organizations and clubs and provide the means for organizing major All-Russia events for children in Voronezh. "New View" believes that these intiatives will teach children and teenagers how to discuss important issues publically and help them exercise their freedom of speech.

"Children in the Computer World" includes:

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