St. Petersburg Independent Group for Human Rights

198005 St. Petersburg
8 Izmailovskii pr., kom. 80

192242 St. Petersburg
PO Box 74
Tel: 812-259-51-60
Tel: 812-174-93-90

Director: Vladimir V. Alekseev
Members: Mariana A. Khanukova, Leonid B. Lemberik, Georgii A. Pankov, Galina G. Kostyuk, Ekaterina I. Vargina, Azgar Ishkildin.

Founded in 1993, the St. Petersburg Independent Group for Human Rights has worked against political repression, psychiatric abuse, abuses in the military and other ‘fabricated’ cases by authorities. The group uses as its theoretical foundation the body of international human rights documents, primarily the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The group consists of seven regular members. The group locates cases of human rights abuses mainly through personal contacts. The group does not have any specific projects or ongoing programs. The majority of their work consists of generating public support for victims of abuses through letter-writing and encouraging public officials to investigate cases of suspected abuses.

This organizational description was sent to CCSI from Colleen F. Halley.

The NIS Third Sector Organization section is based on information found in the print edition of "The Post-Soviet Handbook." For more information on the Handbook and instructions on how to order, see our Post Soviet Handbook Information page.

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