Russian Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights

191194 St. Petersburg
ul. Chaikovskogo 28, kom. 31
Tel: 812-272-49-61
Tel: 812-553-86-53

Chairman: Yuri Markovich Schmidt

Founded in 1991, the Russian Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights was formed by a group of Russian lawyers with the intent of moving the Russian legal system closer to the international standard with regard to the protection of human rights. (This group is not related to or connected with the US organization "Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights", although they have had contact with each other.) The activities of the Committee are based on the European model of human rights protection and the guidelines established by the European Court on Human Rights.

The Committee currently works on individual cases of human rights violations, providing inexpensive (or in some cases pro bono) legal services to individuals and other human rights-related NGOs. The Committee regularly consults with state and judicial bodies on the creation and modification of Russian laws governing human rights issues. In recent years, the Committee has provided detailed analysis and commentary on new legislation at both the federal and local levels, stressing the need to meet international standards of legal protection of rights. The group has also arranged for professional training programs for lawyers and human rights activists as well as public education on legal aspects of human rights protection. The Committee holds several seminars and lectures in Moscow and St. Petersburg throughout the year.

Special Projects

"The European System of Protecting Human Rights" Seminar
This October 1993 conference brought together Russian lawyers and journalists in St. Petersburg to examine European human rights standards and the legal mechanisms to protect these rights. The conference was co-sponsored by the Directorate of Human Rights of the Council of Europe.

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