International Centre for Intellectual Communication IVAN
Republic of Mari El

44, Kommunisticheskaya street
Joshkar-Ola, Mari El
Contact: Helen Johnson
E-mail: or

The International Centre for Intellectual Communication IVAN, a non-commercial educational organisation in the Russian Republic of Mari El, offers a variety of exchange programmes for all kinds of social, sports, religious, educational and cultural organizations.

It offers the following Educational Programmes:

i) Russian Language courses for Foreign Students and Teachers of Russian. They presuppose acquaintance with the latest layers of lexicon, that arose after "perestroika" - colloquial and political.

ii) Folklore expeditions. The centre is located in Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El (Russia) - the only place in Europe where Pagan and Christian religions coexist. The Mari El culture differs from their kindred peoples - Finns and Hungarians,- due to a certain isolation from them. That is why their costumes, folklore and all culture has no analogues in the world. The Centre offers a close investigation of how these religious cultures influence each other and includes the study pagan and religious rites, games and worships of the local people.

IVAN also offers cultural study programmes which explore the local folklore and a variety of educational and scientific exchange programs.

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