Karta Public Center
Open Society--Ryazan

a/ya 20
pl. Kostyushko 3
390000 Ryazan
Tel: (0912) 75-40-20, 77-51-17
Tel/Fax: (0912) 75-53-70
E-mail: karta@glas.apc.org
URL: http://www.openweb.ru/windows/hr/karta/k-0-e.htm

The Public Center "Open Society/Ryazan" works to coordinate all of the NGOs and Independent Trades Unions in the Ryazan region with the purpose of sharing experiences and finding solutions to the common problems that all NGOs face.

The coordinating council of the Public Center unites the representatives of the many organizations: Ryazan regional department of Historical and Educational, Human Rights and Charitable "Memorial" Society; Independent River Transport Workers' Trade Union; Ryazan Initiative Group of Fulfillment of Helsinki Agreements; Russian Independent Historical and the Human Rights Defense Journal "Karta".

The Public Center "Open Society/Ryazan" has recently been involved in seven regional projects :

  1. The selection of the candidates for the "Training of Trainers" Project
    (in cooperation with S.Marshak Charitable Foundation and the Institute for Policy Studies/Johns Hopkins University);
  2. A projects competition "Public Activity and Civic Initiative"
    (in cooperation with "Open Society Institute/Moscow");
  3. A projects competition Small Grants Program "Public Society"
    (together with Russian-American Designing Group for Human Rights and the Ford Foundation);
  4. The selection of the candidates for program "Competition of local mass media and independent journalists"
    (together with the Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe -- IDEE);
  5. The selection of the candidates for participation in the program "Free Word Technique"
    (together with Polish-Czech-Slovenian Solidarity Foundation");
  6. The selection of Independent Trade Union activists for a study on conflict resolution techniques
    (together with Polish Trade Union "Solidarity-Mazovshe");
  7. The selection of the candidates for studying Human Rights education
    (together with Donetsk Human Rights School).

The Public Center Open Society/Ryazan has also consulted with dozens of NGOs in a variety of fields. Since January, 1996, OS/Ryazan has been a consultant on topics as varied as local fundraising and financing sources, grant writing, NGO management and strategic planning, charter writing and registration, organization of conferences and discussion groups, and Internet site creations. Some of the organizations helped by OS/Ryazan's include:

This organizational description was sent to CCSI directly from Karta Public Center Open Society/Ryazan.

The NIS Third Sector Organization section is based on information found in the print edition of "The Post-Soviet Handbook." For more information on the Handbook and instructions on how to order, see our Post Soviet Handbook Information page.

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