House of Human Rights–St. Petersburg

Chernoretskii per. 4/6
143317 St. Petersburg


Komandantski pr. 27-2-8
197371 St. Petersburg
Tel: (812) 274-2641
Tel/Fax: (812) 306-8090
Contact: Vladimir Poresh, Director; Sergei Levin

Human Rights House was founded in 1992 by a group of professors who saw a need to enhance the theoretical understanding of human rights in Russia. The main goal of the group is to develop a community of social and cultural leaders with a strong basis in universal human rights theory.

Currently the main thrust of the organization’s work is preparing a select group of Russian college students to study human rights theory in American universities. The group has established informal ties with a number of US universities (the primary university being Columbia University) and organizations. Funding to support students studying in the US, however, still proves to be a major problem. The group believes that only through educating Russian students in Western universities will Russia be able to develop scholars capable of teaching human rights in Russian institutions. They see their work as a long-term infrastructure building project.

In addition to assisting students, the group works periodically with academics in St. Petersburg to discuss the ways in which human rights issues might be worked into the current coursework in Russian institutions. The organization also collects books on international human rights theory and practice for the future creation of a human rights library.

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