Saratov Exchange Consulting Center

nab. Kosmonavtov, k/t Ekran
410600 Saratov


a/ya 3738
410601 Saratov
Tel/Fax: (8452) 26-24-52
Contact: Mikhail Strahov, Program Coordinator.

Saratov was a closed city until recently, so there is great interest in participating in exchange programs abroad. But it has been difficult to obtain the necessary information for potential exchange students and to find jobs locally related to the training received abroad for former participants, who have returned to Russia. The Saratov Exchange Consulting Center aims to fill that gap.

The center was registered in 1995 as a joint project of the Association of Economics and Management Students Saratov Local Committee and Saratov Rotary Club. It is a nonprofit, non-governmental public organization, and was founded with the support of the Eurasia Foundation, city administration and Saratov Rotary Club.

The primarily goals of the center are:

Two paid employees and 17 volunteers currently work at the Saratov Exchange Consulting Center.

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