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13 Turgeneva St., Suite 148-151 
Yekaterinburg 620151
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Fax: 598 713
Email: ufsi@ural.ru



Who we are

Ural State University's UNESCO Club named after Konstantin Konkov was launched in December 1991 as a non-profit and non-partisan organization of the university students and graduates. The Club is an official member of the UNESCO Center of the Urals and Siberia and of the global UNESCO Clubs network, which comprises over 5,000 clubs in 120 countries of the world.


Our philosophy

We were brought together by our interest to what is going on in the world.  Our goals are to link local youth with international organizations, movements and networks, to raise their awareness about global issues and to help them start  inspiring and rewarding careers.

Our mission is to promote and implement UNESCO’s ideas, such as the culture of peace, better education, and a new concept of leadership. In other words, we intend to make ideas become a reality.


Our activities

·        Since 1991, we run our evergreen program named “English as a Way of Communication,” which consists of periodic round table discussions with native speakers. The program gives local English-speakers an excellent opportunity to practice and to develop their language skills outside the classroom. Participation in this program also provides a chance to learn about other UNESCO Club’s activities and to get involved in them.


·        Soon after Yekaterinburg was opened for international visitors, our UNESCO Club has joined the Youth Building the Future (YBF) global network. Together with the volunteers from the local YBF committee, our UNESCO team had organized the 6th Annual YBF International Conference in August 1992. The Conference happened to be the first large international forum in the Urals! Today the USU's UNESCO Club maintains strong links with the YBF network, especially with its local committees in Egypt and Australia. We exchange ideas and take part in each other’s programs.


·        In 1992-94, USU's UNESCO Club has been publishing a bilingual bimonthly Urals’ Newsletter. Konstantin Konkov, the Club’s founder and first Executive Director, initiated this publication to promote the Ural region on the international arena.


·        In 1995, USU's UNESCO Club has conducted its first International Youth Conference, which has now developed into the Young Leaders of the 21st Century Program. The program embodies international leadership conferences conducted in the Sverdlovsk region every summer and other follow-up events. All program's activities are designed to involve local young people into various activities that would help them to start or to enhance their careers. The program has proven to be effective in terms of developing new leaders. The most successful program alumni currently work for the Russian Federal Parliament, major multinational business companies and international non-profit organizations.


·        In 1997, USU's UNESCO Club has run its first round table discussion on job hunting and career opportunities. We liked how the concept of the round table discussion worked so that we have transformed the idea into our relatively new program named Human Rights Education Initiative. This program consists of discussion sessions, which make young people think and talk about human rights protection in Russia. To make this program more informative, we invite guest speakers, who are professional lawyers, politicians, lecturers or experienced human rights activists. Guest speakers provide the audience with background information and oftentimes, give their opinions on the discussed issues. With this “personal touch,” our discussions almost turn into case studies that teach the participants to protect human rights and to deal successfully with local violations of the human rights legislature.


Club membership

Ural State University's UNESCO Club is a volunteer organization with registered membership, but with no membership fees. Everyone is warmly welcomed to join our programs or to start the new ones. 


Our partner organization

          is the Ural Foundation for Social Innovations (UFSI). It provides the USU's UNESCO Club with an office space, a bank account, and other support.



Our sponsors

Since Ural State University's UNESCO Club is a non-profit organization, its members raise funds for every activity they run. The Club's previous activities were financed by:

·        Reftinsky Municipality (Sverdlovsk region);

·        The Municipal Foundation for Small Enterprises  (Rezh, Sverdlovsk region);

·        The Nevjansk Mechanical Factory (Nevjansk, Sverdlovsk region);

·        The Sverdlovsk Regional Government, the Committee for Youth Affairs;

·        The University Student Union of the Sverdlovsk Region;

·        The United States Consulate General in Yekaterinburg.


USU UNESCO Club’s staff:

Elena Vybornova, Director -  vybor@tehnec.ru

Maria Ozhekh, The Young Leaders of the 21st Century Program Director -  ogeh@iname.com

Alla Kozhevnikova, English as a Way of Communication Program Director -  ufsi@ural.ru



Last updated:    April 2000

A print version of much of the information contained in this NIS Third Sector Organizations section can be found in the The Post-Soviet Handbook (Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 1999).

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