Ferghana Valley Development Programme


Programme Office
Ferghana Valley Development Programme
ul. Lenina, 221
714018 Osh
Kyrgyz Republic
Tel./Fax: +966 (3222) 5-52-24
E-mail: FVDP@elcat.osh.su
Contact Name: Abdiraim Jorokulov Programme Assistant
United Nations Development Programme
ul. Chuikova, 90
720000 Bishkek
Kyrgyz Republic
Tel.: +966 (312) 22-68-23
Fax: +966 (312) 62-05-57
E-mail: root@undp.bishkek.su
United Nations Development Programme
ul. Aini, 39
734024 Dushanbe
Republic of Tajikistan
Tel.: +992 (372) 21-06-94
Fax: +992 (372) 51-00-21
E-mail: fo.tjk@undp.org
United Nations Development Programme
ul. Shevchenko, 4
700029 Tashkent
Republic of Uzbekistan
Tel.: +998 (71-2) 56-06-06
Fax: +998 (71-2) 33-69-65
E-mail: fouzb@fouzb.undp.org
[Note that Uzbekistan is not currently participating in the FVDP]

The Ferghana Valley is critical region for Central Asia as a whole, and what happens in the Ferghana Valley-for better or worse-has widespread ramifications for the region as a whole. The activities of the various UN agencies in these countries represent a broad spectrum of development initiatives which, if well coordinated, can reinforce one another in building toward the goal of harmony and prosperity in the Ferghana Valley. A key to the strength of the FVDP will be its ability to effectively coordinate a spectrum of initiatives across a diverse region; for this, the FVDP will build a strong participatory network and provide crucial information resources to its partners.The FVDP will adopt an Area Development Framework approach. The organization of the programme will accommodate the diversity of tasks, the diversity of conditions in the several countries, and the variety of organizations which will be engaged in project implementation.

Last updated:    April 1999

A print version of much of the information contained in this Central Asian Third Sector Organizations section can be found in Civil Society in Central Asia (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1999).

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