Legal Development of Kazakstan (LDK) and Almaty Legal Corporation


ul. Zenkov 22
480100 Almaty
Tel: 61-60-33, 33-22-26
Fax: 61-60-33, 53-16-18
Contact: Vitaliy Voronov, CEO; Andrei Chebotaryev

LDK was created in March, 1994 through the collaboration of a group of deputies from the "Progress" political party and private citizens concerned about weak rule of law in Kazakstan. LDK's activities include:

In February, 1997, LDK members created the Almaty Legal Corporation (ALC), which aims to further the protection of human rights and expand public participation in law-making. In August 1997, ALC founded the studio Rights, which produces and broadcasts television programs on legal and human rights.

LDK is currently working on a project, entitled Center-Periphery, to establish a nonprofit legal information network in Kazakstan. It also publishes the Legal Development bulletin, distributed to public and political organizations at home and abroad. The group is involved in several other publishing projects, including a reference book on the voluntary sector in Kazakstan, a manual on legal issues for NGOs, and a manual on working with specific sectors of the population.

LDK has approximately 1,500 members, encompassing the fields of law, economics, and small business development. Branches have been established in seven oblasts of Kazakstan.

A print version of much of the information contained in this Central Asian Third Sector Organizations section can be found in Civil Society in Central Asia (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1999).

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Last updated:    November 1998