KIMEP Center for Research and Development


Off. #224, 4 Abai Ave.
Almaty, 480100, Kazakhstan
Tel.: 7(3272)64-56-07, 64-67-17
Fax: 7(3272)64-36-07
Ataolah Hoodashtian, Director
The Public Policy Research Center of KIMEP (Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research) was established in September 1998 as KIMEP's think tank aimed at stimulating research and building capacity within the local faculty and student body by generating and distributing research materials with assistance of the four KIMEP departments (MBA, MPA, MA, BSc in Business Administration and Accounting).

The Research Center conducts studies on social, economic and political issues in Central Asia; organizes conferences and seminars; and publishes research, working papers in biannual academic publication, Central Asian Journal of Management, Economics and Social Research.

The Research Center is very interested in collaborating with other, similar organizations.

Last updated:    April 2001

For further information on Central Asian NGOs see also Civil Society in Central Asia (CCSI, Central Asia-Caucasus Institute of Johns Hopkins University, and University of Washington Press, 1999).

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