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Dostyk 13
Tel: +007(327) 261.9005
Fax: +007(327) 258.1397
Contact: Bakhytnur Z. Otarbaeva, Executive Director;

The goal of the Foundation is to form socially mature citizens and promote the creation of an Open Society in Kazakhstan.

This program, started in 1996, is supported by the Soros Foundation and OSI.

Present Status
A debate program is developing on the basis of the National Debate Center Kazakhstan, which opened in Almaty in August, 1998. National Debate Center Kazakhstan conducts beginning and advanced seminars on basic principles of debating, provides information on topics for discussion, hosts regional and National Tournaments, and Summer Debate Camp. The Center also conducts methodological work.

The Center is currently a member of the International Debate Education Association (I.D.E.A.)

They are interested in all information concerning partnerships and contacts with NGO in the educational sphere.

This information was posted to CCSI's Organizational Guestbook May 1999.

Last updated:    June 1999

A print version of much of the information contained in this Central Asian Third Sector Organizations section can be found in Civil Society in Central Asia (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1999).

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