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Contact: Irene Tsintsadze, Tamuna Bregvadze, George Rekhviashvili

Founded: October, 1997
Staff: Irene Tsintsadze, Tamuna Bregvadze, George
International Partner(s): OCSE, OSGF (Open Society-Georgian Foundation), Caucasus Links, Eurasia Foundation, USIS (United State Information Service), British Embassy, Horizonti, ICCC, Caucasian Institute for Peace,Democracy and Development,Studio ĞReğ, Institute of democracy in Eastern Europe, UNOCHA, HCAGC, Delegation of the European union, OSCE Office for Democratic Institution and Human Rights, INTENEWS, Erevan press-club, Baku press-club.


The Public-Information Center Alternative,a non-profit, non-governmental organization (Tbilisi, Georgia) was established in October, 1997. The main goal of which is to develop innovative public policy through media and NGO strategies to build a movement for social changes in Georgia (N.I.S.) and South Caucasus region, supporting a nonviolent approach to the management of conflicts and creation of just and peaceful alternatives.


Key elements of the P.I.C. Alternative include: · Contribution to the development of democratic institutions, NGO and independent Mass Media in Georgia and in South Caucasus in a whole; · Supporting the work of NGO sector and Mass Media in conflict zones and areas of tension (where minorities are geographicaly concentrated). · Creation of an integrated information space for Georgia and for South Caucasus region in general; · Conflict prevention in Georgia and in South Caucasus region in general through NGO and Mass Media strategies.

A LIST OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The P.I.C "Alternative" is governed through the Board of Directors consisting of the following persons: · David Imedashvili--- Head of the Board · Helen Cagareli-Chairman in Board · Irene Tsintsadze-Chairman in Board · David Qiphiani---- Chairman in Board · Tamuna Bregvadze---Chairman in Board

ADVISORY COMMITEE · Mr. David Losaberidze - The Caucasin Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development (Chairman in Board, Project Director, Head of the Structures Research Group) · Mr. Alexander Russetski - Helsinki Citizens' Assembly (Committee of Georgia) (Head of the Board) · Erosi Kicmarishvili - Founder of TV company "Rustavi 2" · Mr. Valeri Nanobashvili - ITIC (International Telecommunication and Information Center (Head of the Board) · Mr. Zviad Koridze - Founder of newspaper "Sakartvelos Gazeti" ( Georgian Newspaper) · Mr. David Kikaleishvili - INTERNEWS, Producer of Program "Kvira"


In November 22, 1997 there was an agreement signed with Gori and Tskhinvali information centers on co-operation and partnership at the fifth round table organized by O.C.S.E. The projects, which are currently implemented by this integrated body, aim to enable Tbilisi, Gori and Tskhinvali P.I.C.s to take an active part in Georgian -Osethian conflict resolution process.

The list of current projects of P.I.C. "Alternative include: 1. "Creation of Public Information Centers in Gori, Tskhinvali and Tbilisi in terms of the conflict resolution process." (OSGF grant -- $15 530). The project aims to provide Gori, Tbilisi and Tskhinvali offices with all the necessary equipment. 2. "Public Information Centers in Gori, Tskhinvali and Tbilisi in terms of the conflict resolution process." (Eurasia Foundation -- $24966). The project includes training courses for journalists, daily information exchange, public opinion polls and expert review on the conflict issue. 3. "Publishing of special bulletins on the conflict issue." - (USIS -- $9 900) 4. Information support to Georgian-Ossetian conflict resolution process- (TACIS $10 000)


· The P.I.C. intends to strengthen the structure and operational capacity of Tbilisi, Gori and Tskhinvali offices. · During the negotiation process all the three offices will keep functioning as a structure capable of playing a role in political lobbing and information work. · After the final definition of legal status of South Osethia, Tbilisi, Gori and Tskhinvali P.I.C.s will offer trainings and continuing support to journalists and co-ordinate the work of Mass Media and NGO sector in both regions.

Activities envisaged include: Establishment of integrated information network, common database, staff exchange and creation of joint projects, sharing the experience with other regions of Georgia and South Caucasus region in general.


NDI - Lobbing to the Govermenment; BBC - menegement of radio; Erevan press-club - Mass Media and elections; Erevan press-club - Mass media in democratic society; Erevan press-club - Press low; Erevan press-club - Workiong with press-centres; INTERNEWS - Menegement of advertising; Fridrih Ebberth foundation - German and Georgian journalists joint workshop; Eurasia foundation - Grantees meeting; VERTIC- The problems of Mass.Media in the TransCaucasus region; VERTIC-The role of democratic society in conflicts' prevention and resolution in the Transcausian region; Transcaucasian Dialog; Erevan centre for peace and development- Round Table-Creation of democratic society inArmenia and Georgia; Erevan press-club - menegement of independent Mass Media; Erevan press-club - Ethical and legal normas in journalizm; Horizonti foundation - Need accessment of georgian NGOs working on human rights issues; Eurasia foundation Regional conferention Sinergy Programe; OSCE-Round Table for Georgian and Osethian journalists; OSCE-Round Table for Georgian and Osethian journalists; OSCE-Round Table for Georgian and Osethian journalists; OSCE-Round Table for Georgian and Osethian journalists; OSCE-Round Table for Georgian and Osethian journalists; OSCE-Round Table for Georgian and Osethian journalists; OSCE-Round Table for Georgian and Osethian journalists;

Last updated:    April 1999

A print version of much of the information contained in this NIS Third Sector Organizations section can be found in the The Post-Soviet Handbook (Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 1999).

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