International Foundation for Children's Health Care "Posterity"

29 Mistkevich St.
Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: +995 (32) 39 19 85
Fax: +995 (32) 95 80 96
Contact: Ms. Lali Gudjabidze, Director
Posterity is looking for partners and donors interested in supporting a project to improve the health of street children in Tbilisi. We would welcome ideas and proposals from interested parties.

Project Title:

Duration of the project: Number of children to be examined during the project: Total requirement: OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT

As a result of recent developments the number of street children and children working in the streets has dramatically increased in Tbilisi. Their working conditions are dangerous and unhealthy. These children are out all day and have a difficult time finding food. Most of them spend the night in the street, railway stations, abandoned basements, half destroyed houses and lavatories. Under such conditions it is impossible to observe even elementary hygiene. Obviously their health requires immediate attention and improvement. Medical examinations, disease prevention and special treatment should be carried out for each of these children.


This project will include the identification and registration of the children, provision of medical documentation, and a comprehensive health exam. The children will also receive periodic medical assessments, dental care, physical training, and minor surgical operations. Pediatricians, neuro-pathologists, surgeons, TB doctors, dentists and other specialists will be involved in the project if necessary. These measures will enable us to save a considerable part of the Georgian genetic fund and provide normal standards of living for our children.

We would be happy to provide a detailed budget upon request.

Last updated:    March 1999

A print version of much of the information contained in this NIS Third Sector Organizations section can be found in the The Post-Soviet Handbook (Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 1999).

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