Civic Development International Center

77 Kostava Street
Tel: (995 32) 999 493
Fax: (995 32) 932 536
Contact: Irakli Sasania, Executive Director
Civic Development International Center (CDIC) is a Georgian non-governmental, not-for-profit organization, free from all political affiliations and governmental influence, devoted to promoting the process of building and developing civil society in Georgia. The activities of the CDIC support the establishment of the conditions of civic participation and the culture of strategic thinking in the organizational practice and social life in Georgia.

The problems of macro-social organization are the focus of the CDIC's interests. The CDIC strives to develop a national model of social organization for Georgia, taking account of historical conditions, the actual intellectual potential of the country, and the present state of social consciousness. The CDIC develops strategies for the development of various social systems, supports the design of their organizational structures, and promotes the process of change implementation.

The CDIC endeavors to establish ideas of an open society and economic freedom, promotes the realization of a corresponding ideology in adequate organizational forms, and consistently supports all social forces directed towards nation-building and the cultural integration of Georgia with the free world.

Main Goals of CDIC:

Last updated:    December 1997

A print version of much of the information contained in this NIS Third Sector Organizations section can be found in the The Post-Soviet Handbook (Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 1999).

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