BURENCO Environmental Initiative 

16 Veri Khoruzhei str.,
BY-220123 Minsk, Republic of Belarus
Tel/ Fax:+375-17-234 71 57  
E-mail: burenco@user.unibel.by

Mission Statement

BURENCO aims to raise environmental consciousness of citizens/ households, local and state authorities and the business sector in Belarus through seminars, training, consultancy and publications. It does so to improve the quality of the environment and life in general.


General Profile

BURENCO – is a jointly established Dutch-Belarusian non-profit, non-governmental organization working from Minsk, Belarus. It was founded in 1996 within the framework of the twin cities agreement between Minsk and Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and officially registered in 1997.

The main objective of the organization is the transference to and implementation of know-how, experience and progressive ideas in the field of public environmental education and communication, environmental policy, environmental management in Belarus.

Working methods include project-based work, giving workshops, seminars, conferences, preparing educational and handbook materials. Project Coordinators of BURENCO have extensive access to international experience and possibilities for applying modern and foreign knowledge in Minsk, Belarus.

BURENCO staff has an appropriate educational background. To strengthen its expertise it can invite external professionals from Belarus and abroad for fruitful co-operation.


BURENO's Projects and Activities

^    Compiled a booklet (handbook) on environmental policy instruments overview, based on local and international experiences.

^    Organized and held a seminar on international standards in the area of environmental protection: “Environmental Management Systems: pros and cons”, for the representatives of Belarusian industrial enterprises.

^    Adopted and distributed for Minsk enterprises documents and readers with information materials about environmental management and ISO 14000 group of standards.

^    Held Initial Environmental Reviews and Quick Scans at Belarusian industrial enterprises.

^    Organized and implemented a successful communication-campaign in the public transport system and the mass-media, which promoted environmental consciousness and behavior amongst Minsk citizens. Topics included energy-, water- and gas-saving; household waste minimization, separate collection and recycling.

^    Led the process of evaluation of the Belarusian National Environmental Action Plan (NEAP) and discussion on co-operation between 3 sectors (government - business - NGO) towards the Aarhus (Denmark) Conference of Ministers of the Environment within the ‘Environment for Europe’ process and the NGO Eco-Forum.

^    Organized a national NGO seminar on Belarusian NEAPs evaluation.

^    Adopted and published a book on environmental education for children ‘Above water, under water’.

^    Organized a drawing competition and exhibition amongst children on the topic ‘How would I interest people in conservation of energy-, water- and other natural resources’.

^    Organized an experience-sharing seminar ‘Environmental Education: examples and methods’ for pedagogues and NGO representatives from the environmental education field.

^    Organized and hosted in Minsk, Belarus an International (Belarusian-Dutch) Student Conference ‘Environment and Our Future’.

^    Performed a feasibility study and held an initial education campaign for starting an Eco-Team approach among the households in Minsk, Belarus.

^    Developed and published an Eco-Team guide for school children ‘Household Economy ’, addressing every-day-life opportunities of energy-, water- and other resource saving.

BURENCO is currently implementing a joint project titled, ‘Strengthening Citizen’s Environmental Organizations in Belarus’ in cooperation with Milieukontakt Oost-Europa,  in Amsterdam.


Last updated:    March 2001

A print version of much of the information contained in this NIS Third Sector Organizations section can be found in the The Post-Soviet Handbook (Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 1999).

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