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of April 29 meeting of Democratic Congress

  Territorial integrity and national security of Azerbaijan as well as overcoming social problems are vitally dependent upon democratic elections in the country. The current leadership who came to power by anti-constitutional means is making every attempt to delay electoral reforms with the purpose to extend the term of the authority serving to authoritarian, family-clan interest.

On the basis of provisions of Azerbaijani Constitution, Universal Declaration on Human Rights and under the obligations of Azerbaijan before the Council of Europe the participants of meeting demand:

        I.   The monopoly of government over the upcoming parliamentarian elections in fall 2000 should be removed and conditions for free, fair and democratic elections should be provided. Progressive electoral reforms have to be processed. For this purpose:

1. The proposal of Democratic Congress on «Central Election Commission» and on «Election to Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan Republic» should be discussed and adopted in Milli Majlis.

2. The composition of Central Election Commission and other electoral commissions should be created on the basis of parity from representatives of opposition and the government.

3. For providing the maximum monitoring of elections the appropriate projects of international organizations should be realized.

II. Pre-election period and during the elections there should be created the equal conditions for all political forces and individuals and democratic environment should be provided. Including:

1. Faraj Guliev, Iskander Hamidov, Siyavush Mustafaev, Asef Guliev, Fehmin Hajiyev, Gurban Mammadov, Galander Muhtarly and other political prisoners should be released.

2. All prisoners who fought for Karabakh, former members of special police forces who had not been involved in murder should be amnestied.

3. State television should allocate for opposition seven hours of time in a week.

4. There should be allocated suitable places for holding meetings and demonstrations in other towns and regions of Azerbaijan under the law on «Free gathering».


April 29,2000


Last updated:    June 2001

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