Azerbaijan Medical Students Association

Yagubov Vugar
Azer.MSA President,
Tel.: (99-412) 741708
Fax: (8-8922) 643650

Khumar Huseynova
Board member of Azer.MSA,
Tel.: (99-412) 936979

Antiracist and Antifascist Group of Azerbaijan
18-25, 28th May Street,
Baku 370000, Azerbaijan
Tel +99-412-936979
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Azer.MSA is the union of medical students and young physicians of the Republic of Azerbaijan. When the Soviet Union disintegrated, Azerbaijan gained independence and as one of the typical feature of transitional period from the totalitarian regime to democracy a lot non-governmental organizations were created. We also united around our interests and established Azer.MSA in November'92 which has been officially recognized by Azerbaijan Government.

Our main purposes are:

According to the Program on Science and Education we have held various scientific competitions and conferences such as " The best student research work of a year." Moreover, we have provided our students and physicians medical journals printed in Russia since we made a contract with MSF (Holland).

We are going to create a library of foreign medical literature, because the medical libraries existing in our country haven't got any foreign literature since 1991, particularly from the West. " The Project on Creation of The Library of Foreign Medical Literature " was made by the Medical Education and Science Committee of Azer.MSA. We have presented this project to ISAR - International organisation and got a grant in total sum of 2,000 $.

Azer.MSA has been carrying out a propaganda against AIDS and training of young people on that issue. From 1994 this work is implemented by AIDS-Youth Committee involved in Azer.MSA. The project "AIDS Education at Shool" elaborated by AIDS-Youth Committee is successfully applying at secondary schools in Baku. Besides, this Committee holds anti-AIDS meetings and workshopsat higher schools; spreads leaflets, brochures about how to prevent from HIV-infection; prepares radio- broadcasting programs etc. This Committee has got a good relations with international organizations dealing with AIDS problem. The members of this Committee have taken two weeks training course in UK and Germany due to NAZ-Project Organization's assistance and participated in international meetings dedicated to AIDS problem. Now they are working on " Refugees Project" and "Islam and Youth Project".

There is another interesting project preparing by a special voluntary group of Azer.MSA members-"The Project on Rendering Medical and Social Assistance for Invalids and Lonely Old Men." This project is making in order to deliver medical aid to invalids and lonely old men directly at their homes; to provide them with medecine they need; to treat theraputic diseases, injuries etc. they have got; to render them social assistance-supply with necessary food products etc. We have decided to make this project taking into consideration the needs in medical and social assistance the above-mentioned group of people. In order to realize this project we plan to present it to international foundations as in case of other projects. At the 43th General Assembly of IFMSA Azer.MSA become a candidate member of this Federation. Azer.MSA was the first and single professional youth NGO representing Azerbaijan in the international arena. In spite of our successes, due to financial problems we are still not able to join properly different programs of IFMSA. And now we try to solve some of this problems and in the nearest future to become a full member of IFMSA.

Last updated:    January 1997

A print version of much of the information contained in this NIS Third Sector Organizations section can be found in the The Post-Soviet Handbook (Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 1999).

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