Tapan Eco-Club


South-West massive, block b-2, bld.21, apt. 23
Yerevan 375114
Republic of Armenia
Tel: (3742) 73 33 22
E-mail: grant@tapan.infocom.amilink.net

"Tapan" Eco-Club's Resource- Center:
Zakyan, 8, apt. 35
Yerevan 375015
Republic of Armenia
Tel: (3742) 56 60 16
Fax: 56 60 16
E-mail: tapan@acc.am Contact: Narine Gasparyan

The goal of Tapan Eco-Club is to unite society for the protection of the nature of Armenia (Earth) and the creatures inhabiting it, to preserve the natural and cultural legacy of society, and the physical and spiritual health of people.

Tasks of Tapan Eco-Club are:

- increase public understanding of the natural and cultural environment, and the experience and principles of activities aimed at prevention of ecological crisis on the local and global scale;

- support for the prevention of activities threatening to ecological safety and public health, and for the preservation of Biodiversity;

- support for nature conservation legislation and state bodies in their struggle against its violations.

- struggle against the processes of desertification;

- conservation, rehabilitation and rational utilization of the natural environment and natural resources;

- promotion of energy and resource conservation, and ecologically clean technologies;

- support for the processes of democratization and development of civil society.

Directions of Tapan Eco-Club's Activity

* Information, publication
* Global environmental problems
* Desertification
* Biodiversity
* Forestry
* Protection of natural territories
* Ecological education and discipline
* Nature conservation legislation and policy
* Agriculture
* Rational utilization of nature
* Problems of industrial pollution
* Waste recycling
* Ecologically clean technologies

Current Activities

- Disseminate print information and videos about environmental problems among Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), mass media, socially active citizens, and administrative ecological structures,

- Publicize and participate in the activities of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (CCD UN),

- Publicize the involvement of Azerbaijani and Georgian NGOs in the programs of the CCD UN and the RIOD-Network,

- Publish the "Tapan-Messenger" bulletin,

- Rehabilitate plants in parks, squares and forests and provide the population with professional services on plant caring,

- Organize competitions on nature conservation themes among schoolchildren and school cabbage-gardens,

- Organize, as well participate in, measures initiated by the NGO- Center EPAC and other NGOs to develop the NGO sector in Armenia,

- Organize training of Tapan's members and active citizens in computer literacy and knowledge of the Internet,

- As a collective member of the international organization Social- Ecological Union, Tapan participates in its activities, disseminates literature, information and other materials of SEU's Coordination and Information Center, and provides the press service of SEU with information about events and the conditions of the environment in Armenia.

- Has close relationships with many Armenian, Russian and Western organizations (about 300), and implements or prepares joint projects with 25 of them,

- Representatives of Eco-Club were invited and actively participated in 19 international conferences and seminars, including: World Learning, UNSO, UN Convention to Combat Desertification, Aarhus Conference of 1998, PanEuropean NREC Project, seminars on lake Sevan

- Establish the Resource Center of Tapan Eco-Club and the unique Russian Ecological Library.

"March for Parks"

As a result of cooperation with the Wild Nature Conservation Center (Moscow), Tapan is involved in the international program "March for Parks" which is celebrated from 18 to 22 of April each year. In 1997 the program had 500 participants, 450 trees were planted, and the Botanical Garden was cleaned up. In 1998, with the support of Ministry of Agriculture of Holland, we planted 1100 trees and shrubs in Yerevan and surrounding territories. We disseminated information about environmental protection projects to television programs, radio, information agencies and newspapers.

Sponsors of Program:

Malatya-Sebastya Community "Erkrapa" NGO, Yerevan Typography of Color Printing, CJSC INFOKOM, "Lusine" Ltd, "Getap" Restaurant, "Zoo" Café.

The Chairman of Tapan Eco-Club, Hrant Sargsyan is an independent TV-producer, and program coordinator of the Social-Ecological Union in the Trans-Caucasus. The senior council includes biologists, botanists and agricultural specialists. Tapan Eco-Club has 7 employees.

Last updated:    May 1999

A print version of much of the information contained in this NIS Third Sector Organizations section can be found in the The Post-Soviet Handbook (Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 1999).

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