NIS Orgs

NIS Third Sector Organizations

Independent Grassroots organizations based in the former Soviet Union

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In this section, you can choose to browse the organizations by Country or Activity

Armenia Are we missing something? Agriculture
Azerbaijan Add an Organization to the CCSI Database Business
Belarus   Education, Culture and Exchange
Georgia   Environment
Kazakstan   Funding
Kyrgyzstan   Health and Medicine
Moldova   Law and Human Rights
Russia: West of the Urals   Media
Russia: East of the Urals   NGO Development
Tajikistan   Public Administration
Turkmenistan   Religion
Ukraine   Social Welfare and Disabilities
Uzbekistan   Women

The information about NIS NGOs accessible from this page come from a variety of sources, including: the organizations themselves, U.S. organizations and individuals who have worked with these groups, and CCSI's 1996 publication The Post-Soviet Handbook, which includes brief descriptions and contact information for over 1,000 NIS NGOs. We have included a lot of information from The Post-Soviet Handbook, however our priority will be to add groups which we have learned of since publishing the book. We would be grateful for all additions and corrections to this list.

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