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Home to more than 10 million people and the ancestral home of 3.5 million more around the world, Belarus has a distinct language and culture despite the fact that for most of its history it has been dominated politically and militarily by its larger neighbors. To help support the national revival now taking place in Belarus and within the Belarusan diaspora Seattleite Peter Kasaty has created an excellent World Wide Web site modestly titled A Belarus Miscellany. The site is part of the growing family of Web sites supported by Greg Cole and Natasha Bulashova at Friends & Partners.

A Belarus Miscellany includes information about the language, culture, and history of Belarus. Kasaty has scoured the Internet and has assembled the best list of links to things Belarusan in cyberspace. The site also includes a plethora of contact information for Belarusan government offices, universities, non-governmental organizations, media and Internet providers.

Kasaty, in cooperation with Friends & Partners, has also created an electronic mailing list, Belarus. The list, which averages 2-3 messages a day, includes discussion of current events and announcements of resources, projects, etc. It also serves as a meeting place for anyone interested in the country.

To subscribe to the Belarus list, send an e-mail message to with the words:

subscribe belarus firstname lastname

To post a message to the list, send it to:

Peter Kasaty can be reached at:

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