A New Internet Access Point in Kyiv for Non-Profits

By Tony Byrne, IREX

Noncommercial computer network users in Kyiv, Ukraine can now access the Internet free-of-charge through a new "FreeNet" node established by the United Nations.

Although Internet access is already available at major institutions such as the national parliament and Kyiv Mohyla Academy, small institutes and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have thus far only had the option of using commercial network providers--often at great cost--for e-mail access. The FreeNet node offers a "dial-up" entry-point into the major Ukrainian network for individuals and independent organizations that do not have the size or resources to establish their own host system.

FreeNet presently offers UUCP e-mail access at no cost, and plans to implement an on-line interface soon. (UUCP is basically a slower form of e-mail service.) Service is somewhat erratic, but improving. Commercial use is strictly prohibited.

Accessing the FreeNet node requires a computer and a modem. To receive an account, a user simply needs to pick up a registration card and software from the host site situated at the United Nations office in Kyiv. This is located at Klovsky Uzviz 1. The UN also provides training in the use of the software and Internet in general.

How IREX Can Help
For more information, call the UN office in Kyiv at 228-63-93, or write to Rafal Rohozinsky ( Rohozinsky recently finished a tour as the IREX Fellow in Communications Assistance in Kyiv and now works for the UN. IREX will continue to work closely with the UN to provide turnkey service for local NGOs and humanities and social science-oriented institutions that wish be trained and connected to the FreeNet.

For direct assistance in getting partner institutions on-line, contact the IREX Communications Assistance Team in Kyiv at:

Local and international organizations can create their own on-line "space" on the Kyiv FreeNet--such as a World Wide Web home-page, or discussion groups.

You can get further information from the following URL:

A full list of FreeNet users—a range that includes the media, embassies, ministries, international PVOs and local NGOs--can be found at: (No longer available).

This page features a convenient "mail to" utility for all the institutional FreeNet users.

For general information about the Kyiv FreeNet or help in linking organizations to the Internet through leased-line access from a local area network, write to:

FreeNet is a component of the United Nations Internet Project, financed by the UN for a minimum of five years. The UN's long-term goal is to make FreeNet self-supporting through private donations.

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