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Accessing the Internet By E-Mail Even if you only have access to e-mail, you can still access the World Wide Web, Usenet, FTP, and the other Internet technologies.

Introduction to Internet Listservs For beginners: What they are, how they work, and how to sign up to automated lists.

Finding E-mail Addresses in the NIS A list of programs which will return e-mail addresses for specific regions, organizations, or a friendship list which will help find contacts.

Find People on the Internet Lets you seach for someone's e-mail address using their last name, user name or domain name. Search a database of names, or search the internet.

Specialized Search Engines Search engines which search in languages of the NIS, search specific topics (ie environment), and a Russian-English English-Russian translation program.

How to Retrieve WWW Documents Using only E-mail A useful program for people of the NIS which allows WWW pages to be retrieved and sent to them as an E-mail document (no pictures, just text).

Russian Internet Search Engine Indexes only Russia and former Soviet related Internet resources. Search in English or one of four Russian fonts by word or phrase.

Soros Foundation Network - Organization E-mail Archive E-mail addresses for select organizations in the NIS and beyond -- listed by country.

List of U.S. companies and organizations involved with the Internet in the NIS. A list of U.S. companies and organizations active in technology development and commercialization in the NIS.

Int'l direct dial city/country telephone codes for the fSU and CEE Ever have a phone number for someone in the NIS, but didn't know what area or country codes to dial first?

Internet Service Providers in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe This site keeps a list of providers with contact information and e-mail addresses for major cities.

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