Rukh Insider


As of several months ago, the Rukh Insider ceased publication due to impending staff and structural changes.

Beginning in 1995, the Rukh Insider has been regularly distributed to over 200 leading policy analysts, journalists, politicians, students of Ukraine and others who, according to the many verbal and electronic comments received, have found this publication useful.

Following its restructuring, the Rukh Insider is due to resume publication this summer. Changes to the Insider will include:

- the Insider will no longer be a publication of the Institute of Statehood and Democracy;
- publication will be more frequent;
- a wider range of topics will be addressed.

All those currently on the subscription list will be automatically subscribed to the restructured Insider. To be added to the electronic mail distribution list, send a request to :

An archive of past issues is available at

Last updated:    July 1999

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