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Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), funded by US government grants, broadcasts news and current affairs programs daily in 23 languages to a regular audience of 20 million listeners across Central Europe and the former Soviet Union. RFE/RL concentrates on developments within its audience countries. News and analysis from within the region is edited and produced by RFE/RL according to the highest standards of Western current affairs broadcasting. Programs are broadcast on shortwave and, increasingly, on AM and FM networks and individual private stations throughout the broadcast area.

The RFE/RL Web site includes excerpts of RFE/RL broadcast stories in print, and live Internet broadcasts. Site content includes news, features and analyses, Real Audio news feeds, Western press reviews, and daily reports, and special reports.

RFE/RL Special Reports can be one of essentially two types -- a collection of news and features about an important news event or a multi-part report on an issue such as intellectual piracy in Eastern Europe. The topics vary and should be of interest to many people. Some of the recent media-related topics have been:

Newsline-- The RFE/RL Listserv

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty's Newsline is a compilation of news concerning the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe. RFE/RL Reports come in two parts with a dozen 1-2 paragraph stories often on topics not mentioned in the Western Press. It is the best source of daily information available in English on the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe.

RFE/RL Newsline World Wide Web:
RFE/RL Newsline Search:

You subscribe once, and receive the listserv in two parts:
* Part I covers news concerning Russia, Transcaucasia and Central Asia.
* Part II, covers news concerning Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe.

To subscribe to RFE/RL Newsline:

Send an email to with the word subscribe as the subject or body of the message.


From 1994 to March 1997, RFE/RL Newsline operated under the name 'OMRI Daily Digest.'
Back issues of the OMRI Daily Digest are available through OMRI's WWW pages or FTP:

FTP: ftp://FTP.OMRI.CZ/Pub/DailyDigest/

Last updated:    June 1997

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