Moscow Expat Email List


The EXPAT list is here, ready to provide a way to reach fellow English-speaking expats living in Moscow.

Looking for a store that sells your favorite hot sauce, information about visas, or tips on where to spend a long weekend? Want to find someone with an interest in Dostoyevsky, a dining club, or advertise a club or social event? The EXPAT list is the place to inquire.


All you need to do is send a message to: and in the message on a single line write: subscribe expat.

If you want to receive a digest of all the messages posted during the day instead of a separate message for each post, send the command: subscribe expat-digest

The list is located on the Russian Internet server of IREX, the International Research and Exchanges Board, which is providing the service free of charge.


The list is intended as a community service. There is no charge to subscribe (other than what you email service provider charges you for connect time and mail volume). The list is non-commercial; no advertising or solicitations to purchase commercial goods or services will be allowed; personal "for sale" notices and help-wanted ads are permitted. List subscribers are expected to treat one another with courtesy. Anyone violating these rules will be stricken from the list.


If you have any questions contact the list manager, Nicholas Pilugin, at

Last updated:    June 1998

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