Kyrgyzstan Video: "The Generous Manas"


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In 1995 UNESCO funded the production of "The Generous Manas". This video was produced by the Kyrgyz company EPOS to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of the unprecedented folk epic "Manas". With 500,000 poetical lines it is the greatest epic work in the world. For centuries, "Manas" has been passed from generation to generation by skilled "manaschi". This video tells the story of the Kyrgyz people and their ancient hero Manas. It was filmed in the mountainous Central Asian nation of Kyrgyzstan and captures the ancient culture and customs of the Kyrgyz people as well as the beautiful country in which they live.This video has been translated into English and has been broadcast in Colorado (where it was very well received.)

Length: 30 Minutes

Cost: $34.95 (US) + $4.95 Shipping and Handling
(inquire for shipping costs to other countries).

Last updated:    January 1998

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