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The IREX Internet Access and Training Program (IATP) in Central Asia operates in Uzbekistan, Kazkahstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. It provides free Internet access to alumni of US government exchange programs, assists NGOs with email access, develops local language content and provides Internet training.

IATP is glad to support Central Asian Media Support Project and encourages everyone to visit the web site and subscribe from there

The following regional listservs are accessible through this IREX-scholars web page

These listservs are intended to complement but not replace existing listservs (such as the Central Asian Forum at Harvard) by providing an informal means for scholars to find and communicate resources. These lists may be of particular use to graduate students and younger faculty who seek to develop contacts in the region as well as local NGOs that want to announce their activities. There are four listservs:

Research-l : This is to find research partners and to post requests for research assistance.

Discussion-l : This will contain small research papers and other information post small research papers (up to 5 pages).

Announcements-l : This is to announce conferences, requests for articles and other academic events.

Central Asian Alumni - This for anyone who has studied in the US on a US government funded exchange program.

With all of these listservs, it is possible to subscribe to the listserv using your web browser. Previous messages are also archived on the Internet so you can see what people are talking about.

The Internet Access and Training Program is funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, US State Department and administered by IREX.

Last updated:    March 2000

More information on electronic resources in Eurasia can be found in CCSI's publication Internet Resources for Eurasia,1999 edition.

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