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People with projects in Central Asia, as well as those with a general interest in the region, will find the CenAsia list to be an excellent resource. CenAsia includes: announcements of meetings and job openings; news of organizations working in the region; leads to other Internet resources related to the region; and references to print materials, such as journals and dictionaries. CenAsia is also a political discussion list, and unlike some discussion lists on the Internet, is distinguished by the high quality of discussion and the background and expertise of its participants.

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Archives are available at www.soros.org/tajik/cenasia/index.html.


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This Forum was established by the Research Schools of Social Sciences and Pacific & Asian Studies, The Australian National University, Canberra to provide a world-wide communications vehicle and a central electronic archive for anyone working on, or interested in the study of, the broadly defined Central Asia's history, politics, sociology, demography, economics, languages, culture, philosophy and religion, and to place these within the broader framework of the changing global order. It is a more academically oriented site but has a wider topic area: not just the Central Asia states of the former Soviet Union, but focuses on Greater Central Asia, including Western China, Tibet and Mongolia.

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Last updated:    June 1998

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