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The International Association for Caucasian Regional Studies

Caucasian Regional Studies is published in English and in Russian. The English edition is distributed electronically via the 'Internet' system. The Russian edition is printed and distributed in the Transcaucasian republics and Russia.

The journal Caucasian Regional Studies aims to stimulate an inter-disciplinary debate about these issues among academics from the region itself as well as from appropriate departments in the West and the former Soviet Union. It is the journal's policy to publish contributions on a wide variety of topics including collective security, inter-state relations, ethnic conflicts, democratization, civil society and economics. This is the first journal in the English and Russian languages exclusively devoted to the affairs of the Caucasus.

Recent stories have covered topics such as: The search for political solutions to ethnic conflicts; the complexities, successes and failures of democratisation in newly independent states; the political economy of the oil wealth of the Caspian; and some of the most vital issues in the Caucasian region.

The idea of the journal developed at a conference funded by the European Union and held in Tbilisi in September 1995. The International Association for Caucasian Regional Studies was founded at the same conference and some of the conference papers were published in the first issue of the journal.

Information for Authors:

In 'Caucasian Regional Studies' only those materials are published which are dedicated to the Caucasus in the following fields: politics, economics, law, sociology, international relations and modern history. The Editorial Board accepts for consideration articles, reviews of new books, short thematic notes (including those concerning the articles published in this journal), brief information about non-governmental organisations, research projects and conferences. Articles sent for publication can include tables, schemes or maps in black and white. Photos are not printed. The articles may be written in English or Russian and should be sent to the address provided above.

Articles in English can be also sent to the USA by e-mail: (For Stephen Jones)

The first issue of Caucasian Regional Studies has been put on the WWW site of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. The Russian translation and the following issues will be available on the same site:

Last updated:    September 1997

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