Carnegie Moscow Center sites on Russian Presidential Elections


We finished now the first version of our post-electoral book, describing chief actors in and after Duma elections and before presidential elections. It exists now in electronic version only and will be published in paper in May after adding the special section on presidential elections.

Please visit a newly launched web page that compiles all the materials recently produced by the Carnegie Moscow Center on the Russian presidential elections: (in English) (in Russian)

Russia on the Duma and Presidential Elections. Ed. by Michael McFaul, Nikolai Petrov and Andrey Ryabov (in Russian)

Bulletins: "Russia's 2000 Presidential Elections"
#1, March 15. The Political Forces on the Eve of the Elections (in Russian)

Last updated:    March 2000

More information on electronic resources in Eurasia can be found in CCSI's publication Internet Resources for Eurasia,1999 edition.

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