Room 204, 257 Tynystanova Str.
Ministry of Education
Science & Culture Bldg.
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
E-mail: polysphere@eac.freenet.kg
 Polysphere is a scientific and educational on-line magazine published
in Kyrgyzstan. It comes out quarterly and is published on the initiative of
USIA-IREX Alumni in Kyrgyzstan. The purpose of the magazine is to contribute to
the formation of democracy and open society in Kyrgyzstan, and to promote
Kyrgyz science and culture and its integration into the international
community. The first issue of the magazine is now available on-line at

Articles in the first issue of Polysphere include:

Problems of Kyrgyzstan's Security
by L. Bondarets, leading expert in the field of national security,
International Institute for Strategic Research under the President of

On the Question of Kyrgyzstan's Political Security
by A. Kerimbekova, Lecturer, Kyrgyz State National University

International and Political Status of the CIS
by J. Turgunbekov is, Lecturer, Political Science Department, Kyrgyz State
National University

A Vision of the Future: A Culture of Peace in Central Asia
by K. Moldobayev, Pro-Rector, Bishkek Academy of Finance and Economy, and
Director, Central Asian Conflict revention Center

A Gender Approach as a Factor of the Modernization of Kyrgyz Scientific Culture
by Y. Yarkova, Lecturer, Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University

Social Amnesia
by G. Bakiyeva, Chair of the Humanities Department, Bishkek Commercial College

Biographical Analysis in Philosophy and Science
by M. Tagiyev, Lecturer, Kyrgyz National Conservatory

Modernism as a Phenomenon of Modern Culture
by A. Mukhanbetova, Graduate Student, Department of philosophy, Kazakh State
National University

Biotechnological Alternatives for Atmosphere Protection
by N. Djenchuraev, QC & Environmental Manager, Aidan Pharma Bishkek State
Pharmaceutical Factory

The Formation of Mankind: An Introduction to Social Anthropology
by G. Seitaliyeva, Lecturer, American University in Kyrgyzstan

Computer-Information Systems in Teaching History
by Z. Galiyeva, Lecturer, Kyrgyz State National University

Please note that the magazine will soon have a new address:

The magazine focuses on major problems of social development and environment,
spiritual, cultural, and historical issues of all nationalities of Kyrgyzstan.

Alumni of all IREX and US Government-sponsored programs are encouraged to
submit academic and innovative, objective and argumentative, pluralistic,
informative and rich in content manuscripts which have not been published
elsewhere. Publication is contingent upon the recommendation of two peer
reviewers. The language of the magazine is Russian with extended English

Manuscript preparation policy and guidelines:

Manuscripts submitted should conform with the profile of the magazine, be
signed by the author(s) and include name of organization(s), position(s),
address(es), fax/phone number(s), e-mail addresses of author(s).

Responsibility for authenticity of facts, citations, names, and other
information as well as publication of classified information is placed on
author(s). Manuscripts submitted in printed form must be typed one and half
spaced on one-sided paper.

The address for submission is: Polysphere, Room 204, 257 Tynystanova Str.,
Ministry of Education, Science & Culture Bldg., Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.
Manuscripts submitted on 3-1/2 inch disk in IBM format should be preferably in
Microsoft Word for Windows. Manuscripts submitted through e-mail should be sent
to polysphere@eac.freenet.kg.

Polysphere is made possible with funding from the USIA Alumni Small Grants
Program with assistance from the Internet Access and Training Program. Both of
these programs are funded by the United States Information Agency.
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More information on electronic resources in Eurasia can be found in CCSI's publication Internet Resources for Eurasia,1999 edition.

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