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Post-Soviet Armies Newsletter (PSAN) is a weekly-to-monthly service that carries news and analysis on post-Soviet armies within the CIS. It provides a selection of articles, reports, books, references, sources and links on the subject. PSAN favours news and analysis of social and political aspects of post-Soviet armies' development : it wishes to give more visibility to the scholars in military sociology and political science. In the opinion of PSAN's creator, Elisabeth Sieca-Kozlowski, the human factor in military reform has been given too little attention these past few years. PSAN is a personal home-made production. It is not sponsored or related to any institution and is totally non-profit. Information, sources, articles, references can be found in four languages : English, French, German and Russian, and will not be translated. Subscription is done through the PSAN Web site.

PSAN's objective is to gather and promote work on post-Soviet armies, therefore Sieca-Kozlowski invites specialists and scholars to advertise their projects or publications. To do so, send an e-mail message to and on the subject line, type "submitting project information".

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